To Stress Or Not To Stress...

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To Stress Or Not To Stress...


Greetings my fellow sisters and brothers of the REALTOR clan. I want to ask you a very simple question that can have a huge impact on your quality of life. How do you deal with stress?


BigfootThats right, it sounds simple, but living a stress free life as a REALTOR is all but impossible. I mean we have clients, that DEMAND our attention NOW. We have deals that fall through at the last minute due to bad 'energy' being detected in the home on a final walkthrough. We can even have buyers remorse due to Bigfoot being spotted last week in the next field over...





Stress is the body's physical reaction to change, its actually a good thing. It helps us have a burst of energy to catch ourselves when falling or accomplish a task with a burst of energy or extreme focus. However it manifests itself in many bad ways:


  • sleep disorders
  • weight loss
  • start bad or destructive behavior
  • substance abuse
  • heart disease
  • high blood pressure
  • even some types of cancer


With all these potential problems I highly recommend you get an annual physical from your doctor and recognizing we all have stress in our lives. So post up your sure fire cures for stress, be it a workout, playing with the kids or a killer orange mojito...



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