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At the heart of it, I'm an insurance guy - plain and simple. 

However, we at The Reaves Agency have started doing business with a company that reaches into the real estate world - Delivery Limited, Inc.  We are proud to say that Delivery Limited is a group insurance client of ours, and I have developed personal friendships with Beth Barrett (President & CEO - formerly of The Container Store and responsible for them being ranked #1 in Forbes "Best Places To Work" editions for a number of years), Kimberley Tipps (Director, Business Development) and Joseph Toliver (Director, Client Relations). 

Over the time I have known them, I have enjoyed introducing a number of my Centers of Influence who work with affluent and ultra affluent clients to the Delivery Limited team, all of whom have been extremely impressed with their service and attention to detail in relocating individuals from point A to point B in style.

Delivery Limited is headquartered in Dallas, Texas across from Dallas' Love Field Airport.  They specialize in delivery, storage and relocation for the affluent.  A typical relocation would entail the Delivery Limited "installation specialists" to pack and move "socks to chandeliers" from their existing locations to where ever they need to go, nationally or globally.  When a client is getting ready to move in to their new space, the Delivery Limited team will unpack and install everything in it's correct space, coordinating this with the designer, as everything must be just so.  Prior to the relo, the DL team will pay particular attention to the little things, like alarm clock settings and which side of the bed Mr. Client sleeps, so that when the enviroment is recreated on the "Point B" end, it is done just as it was before they left.  In the end, all the client needs to do upon arriving is to slip underneath the freshly made sheets.  The installation specialists literally do wear white gloves - not as so much as a marketing ploy (although it IS good!), but because oils from your hands can stain fine art, etc.

In April 2005, our local D Magazine did an article on the "100 Most Expensive Homes in Dallas", to include Tom & Cinda Hicks (owner of the Texas Rangers & Dallas Stars - home valued at over $25,000,000); H. Ross Perot (home valued at over $14,000,000) and Mark Cuban (home valued at over $14,000,000), etc.  Delivery Limited proudly represents a little over 3/4's of this list! 

From a cost standpoint, they aren't as expensive as you might think.  A typical job is anywhere from 15 to 20% more expensive than your run of the mill Allied Van Lines (although please contact them for pricing!) - the level of service and attention to detail...as the Master Card commercials say, "Priceless." 

In the event that you are a relationship builder and act as a solutions provider for your clients, I would highly recommend Delivery Limited to you.  No matter where you are or where your client is moving to, Delivery Limited can handle things with the utmost care.  Their slogan, "Your possessions.  Our passion."

I invite you to visit their website at:  www.deliverylimited.com.  And if you don't mind, let them know that Jason Loveless sent you!


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joe pierce
Dec 31, 2010 09:56 AM