Want a good website? Want someone to set you up on your social media?

Real Estate Agent with Keller William Properties

I found this company that sets up your website and your social websites for you. They connected Linkedin, youtube, twitter, and facebook all to my website. The actually did all the graphics for the social websites as well. I got a premium realtor site for 499.00 and they let me choose colors, and designed it, custom to my needs. They also provide a service that gives articals for you,  that you can post as well. You can go to Mybrandingsystem.com/signup Once you go the site,  scroll down and you will see "Profiles" click on that. You can browse thru several active sites. It only took a week to get it the new site up and completed. They offer weekly training on how to post articals and utilize the site. On top of that it is only 40.00 for the hosting. To see my site click here.

Contact me if you have any questions.

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