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Recently Ken Brand has posted a list of ideas generated by 327 Top Producers from Prudential Real Estate at Top Producers Summit Conference. All the ideas and tips were geared towards improving one’s real estate business.

Hey, if these ideas were generated by top 327 Real Estate agents than they are definitely worth looking into. Thanks Ken for sharing!

Here are some of the ideas and tips that I liked the most.

1. Use video chat to meet your relocation clients face-to-face often before they relocate.

2. Drop off a pre-listing packet talking about you and your services. Include a mug or a small gift to get them excited.

3. Did you get good service at a restaurant? Leave your card with your tip!

4. Know your online presence! Have you looked at your profile on IncredibleAgents.com?

5. Ask your clients at closing to write a review for you on IncredibleAgents.com/or Facebook.

6. Donate your letterhead to pre-schools for the children's artwork and you will wind up on their parent's refrigerator. Pretty cheap advertising while providing a nice service to the school (that's an interesting one).

7. Volunteer to read one day a month at a senior home/school.

8. Buy an external hard drive and back up your computer weekly.

9. Localism.com. Become your local expert.

10. Be the water stop sponsor for a local running group.

11. Teach a real estate class at the local recreation center.

12. Organize a spa night and invite local vendors (massage, estheticians, Mary Kay, nail technicians) to provide sample services to all who come.

13. Market and talk it up to your hair stylist because they have a TON of clients/contacts.

14. Send a "welcome to your new home" to the new buyer who purchased your listing and add them to your mailing list, even if they weren't your buyer.

15. $10l program: marketing tool where seller has 1 in 54 chance to win $10k...only $250 investment from seller at closing.

16. Hire a tour bus and advertise tours of foreclosed homes.

17. Homefinder.com can help generate solid phone and e-mail leads.

18. Electronic signatures streamline your business.

19. Give closing gift to clients. Find out what they like.

20. Cultivate your community. Give to it (volunteer, donate) and it will give back.

21. Put a humor section on your website. If it is clean and funny put it on. If you would forward it, out it on. Take it from the stuff that is forwarded to you.

22. Video is the main trend of 2010. Work on getting your tools in line now.

23. Create a booklet with all your recommended service providers in it.

There are more than 500 inspiring ideas for Real Estate agents! I am sure you can find some ideas that will jump start your business.  

Original post by Ken Twitter Sized Bright Ideas The Will Make An XXXL Sized Impact For Real Estate Agents and Their Clients.

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The Elise Bickel Team
ReMax Select Realty - Pittsburgh, PA
Leasing, Property Management and Sales

great ideas. Things to think about and work on for the end of 2010 and 2011!

Oct 29, 2010 11:32 AM