Loan Servicer doesn’t follow VA Short Sale guidelines on a short sale of a VA Loan

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Modesto CA - We recently negotiated a short sale on a VA Loan. After the appraisal is complete and all the other necessary document have been received, VA guidelines state the loan servicer should give us an answer within 15 days. The loan servicer took 65 days to give us an answer. That is a complete violation of VA’s requirements. “Oh, but that’s no big deal”, you might say. Discover how other sellers successfully did a short sale to avoid foreclosure by clicking here. It is a big deal, because VA (and every single US Taxpayer) loses money as a result. VA insures VA lenders against loss, provided they follow their guidelines. VA is able to make an “educated bet” that they can issue these guarantees because they have laid out rules to control the lending and loan servicing environment. When the company servicing the loan doesn’t follow VA’s guidelines, it is no longer an “educated bet.” Most short sales that get turned down and foreclosed upon sell for less as a foreclosure. That means VA loses even more money. I can tell you from experience as a Gainesville Short Sale Realtor that the 60 day turn around means that VA loses a lot more short sales to foreclosure. But no one really cares because it almost a victimless crime. At least the victims don't care. The employees at VA don't get hurt because it's not their money. The US Taxpayer already knows the government wastes money. The victim ends up being American's Veterans who don't have as much money in the VA Loan Program to use to buy a house. Thinking about a short sale? I can help you short sale your property and never pay the bank another penny. Send me an e-mail at I will contact you for a free consultation. When we talk, I will explain how the process works in detail. If you prefer, then you can call me at (209) 743-1061. Discover how other sellers successfully completed a short sale and request a free consultation by clicking here. Thinking about a loan modification? Our Modesto Loan Modification Kit has the instructions you will need to get a loan modification approved with your lender. Click here to request a copy. Thanks for reading this, Daniel Seider. Daniel is a Real Estate Daniel Seider at Big Trees Real Estate. Phone: (209) 743-1061. Climb Higher View My homes for sale at Daniel Seider specializes in loan modification assistance and short sales in Modesto California. Modesto Loan Modification Help, Modesto Short Sales, Modesto Short Sale Realtor. Short Sale Realtor. Modesto CA Short Sales. Modesto Realtor.
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