Cypress, TX Restaurant Review - Kilburns Tavern & Grille

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This evening my wife surprised me with a date night. She has been dying to take me to a new place to eat that I have never been to. (That's a hard thing to do) She was introduced to Kilburns's Trveren  & Grille a few weeks ago and thought the food was great. She had told me their hamburgers were amazing. Now, me being the connoisseur of fine hamburgers, I just had to try one. After one bite I can say that I was very impressed.

The burger was the Tavern Burger. Its a Half Pound Patty of Hand- Formed Ground Chuck, Kilburn's Seasonings & Smoked Sausage grilled Medium and served on a Sourdough Bun with Tavern Fries. Garnished with Crisp Lettuce, Tomatoes and Red Onions. It is truly a great burger.

My wife had their Fish and Chips and they too are to die for.  Just like the real fish and chips in the UK.  Nice, crunchy and flaky so delicious. It doesn't taste like the fish have been sitting in a bag frozen.

As far as the Tavern goes, it's very clean, comfortable "pubby" atmosphere. Good, eclectic beer (draft and bottle) and wine selection, but it's a pub so you're probably ordering Guiness, right?

They have two locations. The one that we visted was at 12910 Malcomson Rd. The best part about this was NO smoke odor. It appears that everyone that does smoke has to go out side. (They have a great patio). I've been told that their other location on Baker Cypress is very smokey.

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