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Just wondering how many of you play guitar, what guitars you own and what music you play?  I have an Ibanez SZ720, an Epiphone SG and a Yamaha Acoustic.  Play through a Traynor 50w all tube amp with numerous pedals.  I play all types of music but I am always loyal to my dark master: Old School Metal :-)

Just a hobbyest; sit around and jam with friends.  Not in a formal band.

Post up.

Sam Miller
RE/MAX Stars Realty - Howard, OH
Knox County Ohio Real Estate Specialist
Ibanez JS series and a Yamaha EZ AG.  I listen to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Dave Weiner, Petrucci, Zakk Wylde, Steve Stevens and a few other power players.  
Sep 13, 2007 03:19 PM
David Stewart
On Top of the World Communities, Inc. - Ocala, FL
Terry, I play.

My main electric is a Line 6 Variax, the original model in sunburst finish. I also have a 1986 Fender Stratocaster of a small-run variety, don't even know what the model name was; it has a humbucker at the bridge and a very much modified wiring setup. I also have a Mexican-made Fender Telecaster.

I have two electric basses; one is a Rogue, which I haven't used in years. The other is a "Degas"--some tiny, probably defunct, brand, that looks like a Gibson SG. It also has a short scale and a slightly modified pickup selector (a blending rheostat rather than 1, 2, and 1+2; it mixes in whatever degree of mix I want).

My acoustic is a Takamine, about 1984 at a guess, black finish, electric plug-in.

I play mostly rock and blues and pop. My band is a Friday night basement band. 
Sep 13, 2007 04:00 PM
Terry Voth
Sutton Group West Coast - Vancouver, BC
Realtor - Vancouver
Some of my fav guitarists are, in no particular order: Jimmy Page, James Hetfield, Randy Rhodes, Jerry Cantrell, John Frusciante, Slash and Dimebag.
Sep 14, 2007 06:42 AM
Michael Skerrett
Milestone Realtors - Downers Grove, IL

Hey Terry, Hope all is well up North. I own several guitars, and have been playing since 6th grade when my paper route money allowed me to buy my first guitar ( a no-name SG copy with a whammy bar that I saw in the music store window, had to have, and have never been the same since). Here's the list: 77' Gibson Les Paul Custom - Hard Rock Maple Natural Finish ( Heavy as a boat anchor). 80' Gibson Ripper bass - Black - use flatwound strings so I have fingers left after playing. 78' Peavey electric - Alder Ash Natural Finish. 02' Martin HD 28 Acoustic - Unbelievable Tone! Older Yamaha Acoustic - my beater guitar always out on a stand. Amp is a 77' Marshall 50 watt combo and for effects a DigiTech Studio Tube rack-mount unit. I have been in a few bands - rock and Irish and still jam with old bandmates once in a while when time allows. I have lately been multi-tracking on my computer with this freeware software - Krystal Audio Engine, find it here: http://www.kreatives.org/kristal/index.php?section=details Thanks for the post and its good to know a few of us have received the coveted REG designation - Real Estate Guitarists!


Jul 16, 2008 11:16 AM