"Extraordinary, Fabulous Home Builder!!" Monmouth County, New Jersey

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I thought I would provide this introduction.

This area is for those seeking a home, a realization, which exemplifies a lifestyle of uncompromised proportion. This is also an opportunity to combine one’s vision and means, the end result, the culmination of creativity, style, supreme craftsmanship, function and purpose. Kindly let me introduce Nelson Enterprises, LLC., offering extraordinary proficiency for exquisite, custom home building.

Scott, as he prefers, his family of brothers offer a combined resume of over 40 years experience in high-end construction and commercial development. Their accomplishments include office buildings and educational facilities, all of which are associated with stringent guidelines, code enforcement, diverse and complex utility. It is this same attention to detail, being under the microscope so to speak which established the foundation for his offerings in residential, custom home design and construction. Nelson Enterprises, LLC., is established, the company, solvent, which in these times is paramount. In essence, they are not going anywhere. Scott and his family are life long residents of Monmouth County where they have forged a solid reputation. In offering a blue-collar work ethic, limitless knowledge and imagination, their creations border on opulent yet, remain attainable.

Kindly note, what I have expressed is not contingent to available lot/land opportunities or predicted on one’s ownership unless of course you prefer going this route. I mention this, as there are opportunities to be had, community, neighborhood specific, which could be available, simply not advertised as such. Between the efforts of Nelson Enterprises, LLC, Maura Nelson and myself, our residential Real Estate knowledge, conviction and commitment to excellence will only be eclipsed by your complete satisfaction. We will make these opportunities more than a dream, but your reality. This is the scenario you have been waiting for, the perfect synergy of creative custom home design, lifestyle and wherewithal, in enabling you to realize the efforts of your hard earned accomplishments. Simply put and deservedly so, instead of you conforming to an existing reality, why not consider creating your own!



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