A Homesellers Success with Staging Vacant Homes in Toronto, Ontario

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A Homesellers Success with Staging Vacant Homes in Toronto, Ontario  The creation of bringing life into an empty space if you will.

There was a time, way back when in the Real Estate Industry, where it really didn't matter very much what a house looked like when it first went on the market. Home Staging and Staging Vacant Homes was not a culture that had been adopted yet. Agents and home sellers alike, knew that eventually, their house would sell no matter what it looked like or what condition it was in. The rooms may have been painted in various shades of Easter egg colours, like bright blues, pinks and yellows and furniture (though sparse) may have been mismatched. I'm sure somewhere along the way, we have all seen homes like this; maybe we even lived in one during our childhood or perhaps, had an Aunt that did. 

The Art of Staging Vacant HomesI remember meeting with a listing agent that was interested in staging vacant homes in the City of Toronto.  In particular, this vacant home was in a beautiful, older well established neighbourhood that had great schools within walking distance,  parks nearby and was home to many young families. On this particular morning, the street was alive with activity. I noticed how big and beautiful the trees were. So big, that they had formed a canopy over the street below. 

I pull up to the house. It was an older home, probably about 80 years or so. It had a veranda across the front of the house! A veranda. How quaint and inviting. I couldn't wait to go inside.

The musty smell hit me as soon as I stepped inside the front door. The house felt cold. It was so dark inside, even though it was the sunniest of days outside. It echoed. It felt so empty. Lifeless. The house was vacant.   

I immediately get out my pen, pad of paper and camera. I slowly start to walk about making notes as I go. I admire the beautifully crafted original oak molding throughout the home. Coffee brown hardwood floors led into the living room where there was a wood burning fireplace. A rainbow of colours in the stained glass windows graced the dining room. If these walls could talk I thought to myself.

I make my way upstairs and oh my gosh, what do I see? A medley of Easter egg colours on all the bedroom walls! Bright blues, pinks and yellows!! I knew there was much work ahead of me.

Art of Staging Vacant Homes
As a Home Stager, I immediately started to envision the art of staging vacant homes. I implemented my action plan. I always recommend to the listing agents and home sellers that staging the principal rooms in a vacant home are key when marketing a property for sale. Primarily, the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath and a secondary bedroom. 

Choosing the right style and scale of furniture is so important when staging vacant homes. So, with this particular vacant home, I supplied all the furniture for the above rooms. My secondary bedroom was transformed into a nursery, complete with a pretty white crib and frilly bed lines.  I complemented the rooms with table lamps, beautiful bed linens, an assortment of artwork and fluffy spa towels.

When perspective purchasers walked in the front door, it was impossible to tell that only a week before, this was a vacant home.

The art of staging vacant homes really paid off. Staging this vacant home was a great success story! It sold for $58,000.00 over asking in four days.

The listing agent was happy, the home seller was happy and so was I. 

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