Ashton's Wichita Falls Real Estate Update - January 17, 2011

Real Estate Agent with Bishop Realtor Group - Wichita Falls, TX

Good Monday Morning to you!

As you probably know, we have a non-traditional approach to a traditional business. We believe that we are changing the way the industry operates, and its seems as though these tactics are working. Last year, we grew our market share 150% - in what was a very unique market.

The stats came out for the Wichita Falls Real Estate market in 2010 this week. Essentially, the residential sold market was flat as inventory continued to grow. All in all, we are so fortunate to be in the market we have here. Many of our buyers from other states have lost as much as 50% in their home values from where they previously lived. Here we are flat...and I'll take flat!

If I can serve you or anyone you may know this week, please let me know.

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