One of these homes is NOT like the others...

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One of these homes is NOT like the others...

What do 5 out of 6 of these homes have in common?

  • Yes, they are ALL in New Jersey!
  • Yes, they are ALL on "The Shore" (Bayhead/Mantoloking Area)!
  • Yes, they are ALL over $1,000,000 (4 of them are over $2,000,000)!

Give up?

ONLY 1 was SHOVELED OUT this past weekend! Yes, you read that right; 5 out of 6 "Million Dollar" homes, listed "For Sale", by brokerages on the "Jersey Shore", were NOT SHOVELED out from the last snowstorm...and probably the 2 before that too.

When asked how she was supposed to show her ready, willing & able buyer these Luxury Shore Homes, our agent was advised, "have your buyer bring a shovel" by the Listing Broker of 2 of these homes...REALLY?


Here's Our Winner!:

And we wonder why our public perception is lower than used car salespeople and lawyers...C'mon man!

And the rest of the day to you...

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