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This is a great post by Jon and really explains why we need to know our market. Ther problem is there are so many differences in areas and if we do not know them we really are better off for our customer to refer them to a local expert. Jon Zolsky is really the king of Oceanfront Condos in Daytona Beach and my go to guy there

Original content by Jon Zolsky, Daytona Beach, FL

Agent from one of so many now Exit Realty offices in the area called me a couple  of weeks ago and said that she was looking at our listings, unit 1004 in Oceans Grand, and that she had a very picky buyer and she needed me to tell her whether the unit was direct oceanfront, or it was oceanview.

Well, the truth is that Oceans Grand Condominium is not an oceanfront building.

There was a sigh of relief on the other end, and she said that I have saved her a lot of gas. And as if I did not know better, I asked her why she was so determined to do disservice to the customer.

She was stunned. I am trying to sweeten the message, but, obviously, being out of the direct area (she is from 40 mile away town and a different county), she does not know the condos here... Actually, I am over sweeting the pill now, as it is not distance, it is knowldge, and it is competence...

She feels insulted. She tells me she had already seen 10 condos with this client. There is nothing I can say. The agent feels that she has invested enough time to justify screwing the customer. After all she has a license. It seems that she is the victim of her license...

The funny thing is  that she does not understand how much she does not know about condominiums here. She finds information on Trulia or, and thinks that now that she knows the address, we are equal...

Guess her customer wasn't really picky after all

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