How to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages

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I know Ruth personally and she is a great teacher and resource in the Denver real estate and mortgage community. She is a master at this stuff and always generous to share tips to help others create great businesses. Thanks Ruth! You Rock!

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How to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages

The following three steps should be helpful if you have been wondering how to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages.

1) Learn it.

2) Implement it.

3) Most importantly: Teach it! To other businesses that can ultimately grow YOUR BUSINESS!

So, first let's start with steps one and two in the process of figuringhow to drive business on Facebook Fan Pages. Here are some quick links to YouTube videos that will take you step by step to help you with creating and customize a fan page. (Don't worry... you don't have to look like the guy at the right to figure this out!)

Creating a fan page:

You might want to add a "landing page" to your fan page. Facebook eliminated the FBML option a couple of months ago, leaving us currently with I-frame options. A little more difficult, in my mind, to work with, but there are a number of free templates that you can find to easily create a welcome message for your fan page. Here's just one example: Or, try For most of us, the most difficult part here is creating the graphic image! (Hey, there's also a template for real estate agent landing pages for $39 at!)

But there is so much more that needs to be done besides a landing page. Here's a great video showing you how you can add SEARCH HOMES options on your sidebar (the video also speaks of a welcome page and YouTube Videos):

And the most important step in finishing the task of how to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages is 3) TEACH IT! Share what you have learned in creating your own fan page with other businesses! Here's even a YouTube video that will give you ideas on helping you work with restaurants:

Think those restaurants might be happy to display your business cards if you help them create their fan page??

If helping employers, think of the exposure you can get with HR departments... and employees! If you're looking for talking points when approaching businesses to help them build their own fan page, just go to YouTube and search for that industry specifically. You'll get tons of ideas of other companies or employers that are also interested in the same thing you are: how to drive business from Facebook Fan Pages.

Use these opportunities not only to generate lead opportunities through the relationship you are developing, but don't forget to invite them to like YOUR fan page while your at it!



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Kim Inman
Mountains to Lakes Real Estate, Inc. - Harriman, TN
CRS, Broker/Owner

Sandra...thank you for the information. I do have a company page but it really needs something. I will check into the info you've given here and hopefully that will help!

Jun 17, 2011 02:44 PM