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There is no way to predict the bottom of the market.  If I had a crystal ball maybe, but I don't.  So what makes me say that now is a great time to buy?  Prices are down and so are rates, add a large inventory to the mix and you have a great trifecta.  You want more, how about the large number of "cash" transactions in the market.  I have spoken with many realtors recently that are getting cash offers on their listings.  Why is that such a big deal?  Cash offers mean investors.  The investors are getting in the market now.  That to me is a sure sign that values are near or at their lows!

There have been a number of articles in the media recently to support my beliefs.  Yes, even the ever negative media has started to see the light.  Here are a couple of those articles that I think are worth a read:

Why It's Time To Buy - The Wall Street Journal

Return of Optimism for US Housing - CNBC

 Now just because there are a couple of articles out doesn't mean that everything is rosy, I am certainly not saying that.  I do believe that when we look back we will say that 2011 was the year to buy a house!

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