Time to Buy an Investment Property in Idaho?

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Since 2009, Idaho has experienced some of the highest foreclosure rates in the country.  These foreclosures are creating an interesting by-product for our local economy.  RENTERS


For Rent

An article in the Treasure Valleys' Idaho Statesman addresses this increased rental demand.  It's headline indicates that the valley's rental vacancy rates have hit a 5 year low.  As demand increases, rental rates will also increase. 



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Kim Davis
available for employment - Harrisonburg, VA

My thoughts exactly! I'm a loan originator in Virginia who has recently relocated to a different city. So I am both looking for a house to buy, currently renting, and trying to complete loans for people doing the same. With all of the new regulations, it is getting harder to close loans that just a few years ago "made sense". I don't know how many pepole, for various reasons, just can't qualify for a loan right now. If some of the new ideas for new regulations get passed, it will be even harder.

So I believe it's a great time to buy investment property to rent. More and more families will be needing it.

I just hadn't thought of buying in Idaho....


Kim Davis
Loan Originator
Summit Mortgage Corporation

Jul 20, 2011 03:56 AM