I don't mean to preach to the choir...

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Sellers - It Pays to Sell With a Realtor

Monte is the poster child for why you need to sell through a full-time, experienced Realtor. I have watched sellers chase the market down as prices slipped faster than they could understand.

Professional Realtors are watching the market EVERY day. We are showing homes for sale EVERY day. Do you have the time and expertise to follow the real estate market every day? Are you willing to spend the money to properly market your home? To do it right, you will end up spending more than a professional Realtor will charge you to sell - guaranteed. There really are economies of scale and Realtors have a ready sales force of hundreds - and in most markets - thousands - of sales agents eager to bring you a qualified buyer.

I watched a friend and neighbor give up three years (anxiety, stress, maintenance and carrying costs) and $250,000 because he did not want to pay a 5% commission. There is an easier way. A professional Realtor is not out to take advantage of you. They area out to sell your home as quickly as humanly possible.

Sellers - It Pays to Sell With a Realtor


Original content by Monte Pratt

monte preaching to the choir

I don't mean to preach to the choir, but I think that sharing a real life experience of selling my house to you proves that it really does pay to use a REALTOR®.

Back in November 2010, my wife and I decided it was time to move.  We've only been looking for about 7 years or so - trying to decide which neighborhood to settle in.  We knew we wanted in the "Deer Creek" school system, because now that our kids are getting older, it's all about the school system, right?  At least a really big part.

Ashlyn (my wife) and I decided to build, and not buy.  Based on what we figured we could get out of our house and what we've saved, we could actually afford to get exactly what we want in the neighborhood that we fell in love with.  So we put our house up FSBO back in November 2010.

fsbo = bad ideaWhy FSBO?  For a number of reasons but mainly to try to save money.  Jack Pratt Signs has been supplying the local Oklahoma City Metro with yard signs since 1950, so we pretty much know everyone in town that is in real estate.  So, who am I going to use?  I felt that I was damned if I used a REALTOR®, and damned if I didn't. We weren't in any rush necessarily because we were building, so we gave it our best shot.

Guess how many offers we got?  One (1), and it sucked, real bad.  One formal contract that lowballed us so bad that I was tempted to not even counter.   But we did, and then got into a counter match via text messaging with the buyers agent that lasted through a weekend.  It finally fizzeled away - she put a contract on another house less expensive than mine in a different area.

Though Ashlyn and I were not in any rush, summer was approaching and we found ourselves in the middle of June with nothing, nada, ziltch.  Finnaly, we decided to use a friend of mine, TJ Jordan, whom I've known for 23 years.  I was a little nervous using a friend, but I got exhausted trying to figure out what agent I should list with.

The first thing TJ did was remeasure the house.  Guess what?  We picked up an extra 80 - 100 square feet (legitimate, too).  So, we were able to list the house with MLS at a higher price but at the same dollar/square foot.  Basically, it went down like this:


We initally asked FSBO at $289,000.  Got nothin...  TJ took the listing, and recommended we ask $299,900

SOLD! It Pays to use a REALTOR


For 5 weeks we got more action than we ever did in the last 7 months.  TJ suggested we reduce the price to $289,000.  In the 6th week, we got a solid offer - we countered and they accepted!!  $282,000.  $7000 off our initial offer - pretty good, huh??  


We closed last Friday and are now officially homeless - which I guess is better than having two mortgages..  We'll be living with my mom and dad until late October when our house is scheduled to be finished.  So what have I learned?  

Just because one can list a house FSBO doesn't mean it ought to be done.  You can drive a car with your foot if you had to, but that doesn't make it a good idea, right??!!? 

You guys don't tell me how to make signs, so I won't presume to know how to sell real estate either.  That sounds pretty fair, don't you think?

Furthermore, the money paid in commission to TJ pails in comparison of what I could have saved every damn month if only I listed it with him last November!!  But, that's water under the bridge.  Ashlyn and I got what we "needed" and the buyer felt like he got a steal of a deal.  Plus, I'm glad to help TJ as a friend and a loyal customer to my company.

Monte & Ashlyn Pratt - Happy Customers!!!

I hope to stay in our new house forever and ever, however, if we do decide to move again, rest assured, I'll be calling a REALTOR®!

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Karen Crowson
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Rancho Bernardo, CA
Your Agent for Change

Ah!  You've got love this guy for sharing his angst and his ah-ha moment. What a testimonial!

Aug 24, 2011 12:02 PM
Monte Pratt
Jack Pratt Signs - Oklahoma City, OK
Expert in sign manufacturing & graphic design.

Better make my wife the poster child.  She's much more attractive than me ; )


Aug 25, 2011 06:05 AM
Lynn911.com ~ Dallas Real Estate Agent Top Team
Dallas Houses for Rent Dallas Apartment Rentals Lynn911.com - Dallas, TX

Robin what I love sellers don't want to use Realtors HOWEVER want use our contracts and forms ;p

dallas homes for rent by owner dallas houses for rent by owner lynn911.com

Aug 25, 2011 02:44 PM