Talladega County Homes - New Childersburg and Sylacauga Pages

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Talladega County real estate is an area which need not be overlooked and I could kick myself for not doing this sooner.  I checked the MLS system and in Talladega county there have been 344 sales in the last 12 months.  Which compared to Birmingham Homes at 3011 doesn't seem like a lot but when you look at the ratio of agents to transactions it only makes sense to at least attempt to market those areas for Home buyers.  So I built out two more pages for my website to include a Sylacauga Real Estate page and a Childersburg Homes page.  If for nothing else to show the fine folks in Talladega county that they to are worth my time and efforts. For the other smaller cities and towns of Talladega County I did create a quick search for them. 

Talladega County does have it's own MLS so the 344 sales are only the ones that have been entered into the Birmingham MLS so that being said it only makes even more sense to build out these pages.  I will let you know if the time and effort for this pays off and I am looking for a buyers agent to assist me with the estimated traffic to this area.

Talladega County has two major lakes that fall with in it's borders Logan Martin Lake and Lay Lake you may also find pages to these lakes on my site under the main section of Alabama Lakes.


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