Just rolled out a new Logan Martin Lake Blog

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I have just rolled out a new Logan Martin Lake Real Estate Blog.  I received an opprotunity I could not turn down, I was contacted by a brokerage company and they offered me the domain at what I thought was a steal.  So I decided to use it as a blog.


I will make this blog open for guest blogging.  If you are an agent on a lake exspecailly and would like to guest blog, be sure to send me a message.  I will more than likly just let this site run on auto pilot for a while.  

Also if you are in need of some SEO help, I do a really good job with it.  Just google Alabama Homes and you will see my Alabama Homes and Condos .com website.


While your looking around please go to my Birmingham Homes page and hit the Google plus 1 button.

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