My buddy that I've been showing homes to for a year found another Realtor!

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How it feels when you get it from a friend!

I have a buddy who has been telling me for over a year that he's going to upgrade when he finds the right home.  He lives in a beautiful house on a golf course in desirable Fayetteville, AR, and is looking to upgrade to a bigger home now that he's married and has a daughter.  We've been looking (non-agressively) at upscale homes for quite a while now, and he's starting to get serious because of attractive financing.

Last weekend I was out of town for a benefit for battered women and children in Missouri.  He texted me asking if we could go see a home he's interested in.  Of course I couldn't because I was away.  

Another mutual friend has begun to look at homes with me and may be interested in the golf course home!  The other night I messaged the golf course home owners wife on Facebook saying that they may be able to work this one out well and that the buyer is excited to see it.

Next thing I know I have a text message saying not to contact the wife on Facebook...and that they've found someone else to show them the new home.

Holy snap!  Here's how the conversation went...through text:

Me - Wow, guess I did something wrong...sorry.

Client - Just gotta keep the wife happy on this one, no hard feelings from me, bro.

Me - Wondering what I did wrong?

Client - Still in meetings at my office can only text for the moment.

Me - Really surprised.  Just taken back from it.  Just over the facebook thing?

Client - Just akward the way you sent it to my wife on Facebook.

Me - That's rediculous.  I was just excited that you guys may get to save a tom on commissions and get to move on to a home you both like.  Seems like you feel contacting your wife over the internet is inappropriate.  I see that as over sensitive. Sure didn't mean anything by it, and told you no problem on doing it again.  Sure have done a lot for you to get dumped over a simple message. Definitely would change my opinion of you. We should probably sit down to see if this can be salvaged. "Buyer 2 was just over...said he's waiting to for a call from y'all to come see your house...he really hopes he gets to see it tonight" - maybe I'm blind, but I can't see how that can be taken as inappropriate.

Client - Chill out...I will call you in a few.


WOW - I was so taken back by this I completely forgot who this friend of mine really was...a prankster.  That's right.  It's not April, but I'm a fool!

He called me lauging and telling me how he really knows how to get me now!  What a dork...we're going to look at homes later this week, and I'm never going to take him seriously again!


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Sara Garden
Rocky Mountain Home Staging - Boulder, CO
MBA, HSE, HSR, APSD, Home Stager

I can see why you might have taken it seriously. My mom has been a realtor for years and has gotten dumped several times for no good reason at all after showing people dozens of houses. Once it even happened with a family member!

Oct 12, 2011 03:47 AM
Delores Campbell
Keller Williams Realty - Chesterfield - Wildwood, MO
Your St. Louis Real Estate Resource

Have had this happen one too many times and I think this has happened to most real estate agents.  I can see why you have taken it seriously. 

Oct 12, 2011 03:53 AM