Finding Great Home Value by Leveraging your Toronto Agent

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In our past few blogs, we have considered several simple steps to get great value when buying your next home.

  • Set realistic expectations about the kind of home you want

  • Build a buying plan & monitor the market

Today we will consider the final one in our series:

·     Leverage your realtor’s professional insights and negotiating skills


homebuyersIn these times when over 90% of potential home buyers start their home search online, many consumers think they are real estate experts.  The home-buying public is indeed more knowledgeable than ever before, but a few hours  with or  does not turn a shopper into a professional.  Real estate agents have tools, techniques and tricks of the trade to which you, as a buyer, do not have access.  In addition, your Realtor® has market knowledge and negotiating skills learned from experience.  You should leverage the expertise of your Toronto agent to find a great home value. 


The value of your professional agent goes well beyond the home search – as he will also represent you objectively when it comes time to negotiate your home price.  In the Toronto real estate market, properties often will sell with multiple offers.  Your experienced agent will be able to provide the delicate balance between helping you to get your new house at a fair price and helping you to avoid paying too much. 


Your agent will understand details of past transactions in the neighborhood and community – as well as historical market conditions.  They will have access to detailed information about the specific features of past sales – and how those features may have impacted property prices.  You will want to avoid being asked to pay a premium on your house purchase just because the last property to sell on the street had an extension and a pool.


Lastly, your Realtor can also help you plan your move, negotiate a great mortgage rate, and avoid costly issues upon the closing of your property.  These services go well beyond the initial home search – and can be priceless in the long run.


When you are buying a home, buy it when your circumstances dictate, and buy based on value – with the help of your agent.  Leverage what he can offer you. As your Toronto Realtor®, I am eager to find you an AWESOME deal based on your needs. I want you to get the best value on your home - even in our hot market.  Please check out the details of my Awesome Asim VIP Home Buying Program on my website.


For more tips on buying a home based on value, see our previous blogs.

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