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I’ve had prospective sellers ask me "where do you advertise?" My typical response is almost everywhere except print's too old fashioned for me, and the exposure/value just isn't there anymore. If I'm competing for a listing, my marketing plan is well detailed and I usually end up with the listing because of my honest approach.

If you're interviewing REALTORS®, ask yourself some questions:

Why do you want to see a picture of the REALTOR® in a magazine or newspaper? A lot of REALTORS® (and I used to be one of them) pay huge dollars to have their names and faces in print. Don't be fooled by media advertising, don't assume this provides instant credibility or is a sign of success. Real Estate has become an Ego driven business, and that needs to change.

Is your REALTOR® honest with you or do they agree with everything you say?

Have they told you to STOP smoking in your house? If you smoke, you eliminate more than half of the prospective buyers. If you smoke...STOP, and have your carpets and duct work cleaned, and replace your furnace filter.

Did your REALTOR® tell you you're messy? Clean up the clutter, pick up those 15 pairs of shoes by the door, keep the house looking spotless and organized every day you're on the market.

Did your REALTOR® tell you to throw those strongly scented air fresheners out and never buy them again? People who walk into a home and smell air fresheners wonder what the owner is trying to hide...I've heard them say it. And don't use the washroom just before a showing; who wants to smell that, or worse, that smell masked with air freshener?

All you plant lovers; has your REALTOR® told you to "clean up the jungle"? I have and many times. Buyers want to see green grass and flowers from the curb...not climbing the back of the couch or the walls in the dining room.

Replace those old money/energy sucking appliances...get rid of them. Buyers automatically think "I need new appliances too, can I afford them"? Upgrade your old appliances before you list your home...your return is almost guaranteed.

And what about the family pet? Dogs and cats can cost you thousands in lost money. Clean up after them! Who wants to see a litter box, let alone a litter box full of...well, you know. Get rid of all the evidence of any pets.

If you're trying to sell your home, listen to your REALTOR®...we've done this before, many times. We know what sells and what stops a sale. And if you're having a hard time believing what the REALTOR® is telling you, ask the Interior Designer or Home Stager...most REALTORS® offer a free consultation. I do.

For more information on who I use for Home Staging or Interior Decorating, click here. And for all you do-it-yourselfers...unless you're capable don't. You may end up calling my brother Bryan from HGTV's Disaster DIY and House of Bryan to fix it for you...

And finally, don't listen to or ask your friends for advice on price or marketing. Do you ask your friends for surgical/medical, tax, or legal advice? Of course not...listen to your REALTOR®. And, just so you know...98% of all homes sold, do so with a REALTOR®.

Visit my website, or drop me a line if you have any questions...remember, I'm here to help you.

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Aaron Mazurek
Coast Realty Group, (Powell River) Ltd - Powell River, BC
Powell River Property For Sale (BC)

thanks Michael. Really interesting point of view. Especially like that last paragraph about asking friends for surgical advice. Good way to put it so people can relate.


Nov 30, 2011 07:35 AM