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I find myself always being amazed at where technology has brought us to make our advertising more interactive and the amount of information  buyer’s can get even before visiting an open house.  Whether you’re a seasoned Realtor or you’re selling your house by owner, here is a list of my favorite apps that’s helped me sell dozens of houses this year.



If you’ve ever wanted to show a panoramic photo to show-off your backyard, kitchen or view but don’t have a wide angle lens this is a wonderful app that allows users to take panoramic photos and stitches them seamlessly. 

Once the photo is taken, you can share it on SMS, Facebook, Twitter or any other website straight from your phone.

This is a free app and a great tool to show prospective buyers the entire space your rooms offer.

Before listing a house we evaluate the price of the house in its current market.  One of the key factors is to see your direct competition in the active market.  This app is available to the public for free and allows you to find active listings using the GPS locator in your iPhone or Android.  This app will save you time and paper by allowing you to drive by your direct competition and see photos and descriptions without printing feature sheets at the office. 



We’re starting to notice floor plans are becoming standard in our industry.  This app blew my mind with how easy it was to take measurements and floor plans.  There is a tutorial built into the app and I strongly recommend you to take it and it does take a few times to get used to using it.  You can export these floor plans as a PDF, JPG, HTML or DXF via email.

NOTE: A disclaimer for any room measurement taken is STRONGLY recommended so there are no legal repercussions due to an error. Have buyer’s to verify all room measurements if square footage is of importance.

Here's a quick video on it... 


Mortgage Calculator

This could potentially be one of the most powerful tools during the negotiation process.  I say this because the bottom line most buyer’s keep in mind are the monthly mortgage amount.  With this visual app in hand you can tell the buyer, with confidence “At your interest rate of ___%, you only pay an extra $4 for every $1000 you borrow” for example. 

Other features include: Debt to income, should you buy or rent your next home, see if refinancing is a wise financial decision.  Very easy to use and free to the public.



I’ve tried other card readers for the iPhone and even paid for some and this is the best card reading app I’ve used up to this point.  Sponsored by Linkedin, it’s incredibly accurate, saves photos in your address book as well as all the information including email addresses and websites.   One of the reasons why it’s so accurate is on the other end there is somebody actually transcribing all the information and sending it back to the user.  It does take a while for the information to come back (anywhere from 30mins to 4 hours) which is understandable.   The best part is the whole app and service is free!


We’d love to hear your favorite apps to getting homes sold, please leave a comment if you found this blog useful.




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