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Falling home prices as well as higher food and fuel prices will make consumers much more cautious spenders. Overall, the pace of growth in real personal consumption is expected to slow. How can Realtors get creative to increase sales in a depressed market? Any tricks or secrets to share? I have been giving out free lunches to anyone who is just willing to talk about buying or selling real estate in Hawaii? What are you doing?

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Christy Harvey
Keller Williams First Coast Realty - Orange Park, FL

I'm calling more expireds and painting the truthful picture about the market. I'm using what the media keeps telling people that we'e on a downward spiral and it will take a couple of years to recover from it.  A lot of people aren't relisting right now so it is like pulling a needle out of a haystack, however, the ones who are...are serious about selling their homes. I'm thinking about doing more doorknocking. Because some other folks are quitting the business, I'm using that to my advantage and pushing forward with MORE force! I'm talking to more people. I'm volunteering.

 It's the same stuff...back to basics!

Nov 14, 2007 01:09 PM