SAFETY TIPS To and From School

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In light of the situation at Precious Blood School, it is important to stress to our children the importance of child safety.


Please share the following tips with all children you know:


SAFETY TIPS To and From School: It is important that you speak with your child about safety precautions they need to take when walking to or from school or bus stop. The following are ideas for you to discuss with your child:

•     Always travel in pairs or groups

•      Stay close to the road's edge or on the sidewalk 

•     Whenever possible walk on the side of the street opposing traffic so that you can see approaching cars. Stay on main roads.

•     Don't talk to anyone you don't know 

•      Never get in a car with a stranger

•      Never help a stranger "look for a pet". 

If someone does approach you begin yelling and run away and tell an adult what happened.

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