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Hi all,

I have been an agent for 10 years and for some reason I have absolutely no clue how to get involved in the REO side of business.  The people I know involved in REO's in my area are of course very hush hush about how they got in contact with the asset managers. 

Would anyone care to share the secret with me?  I know some agents that are caring 50 to 100 listings but still are not willing to disclose how they got started with it. 

 Thanks in advance to anyone that responds!!


Jen Romiti - QSC, ABR

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Mary McTernan
Mary McT Real Estate Group - San Diego, CA

HI Jen,


I found it to be very hush hush.  It's pretty sad actually.  Though it seems as if you need to know someone to get you foot in the door first.

I'm not actually doing them yet but I did find a resource to learn how to do them correctly once you do get in the door.( Step by step guide. 

Good luck to you

Dec 08, 2007 02:21 PM
Have you seen ?  They have a wealth of info for everyone in the real estate biz.  Forums too!
Dec 13, 2007 05:29 PM