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Laughter is better than Medicine!!!

I had the opportunity to hear the Great Carl Hurley
from East Bernstadt, Ky, Saturday night, at the North Laurel High School in London, Ky.
Carl donated his time and great talent to help the Children affected by the Tornado last month that destroyed homes and lives in East Bernstadt , Kentucky.

He had some great stories, and it was good just to sit back and laugh !!
Carl said “Always look for the humor and try to stay positive.”

I guess one of the best stories he told, being right here in the Bible belt of Kentucky, was he told about a cousin that went to one of them old time churches up a hollow. Toward the end of service the preacher had a prayer line, and this fellow got in the prayer line. He told the Preacher , I want you to pray for my hearing. So the preacher put both hands over his ears and prayed a prayer of healing for his cousin’s Hearing,
After the prayer the Preacher said “How is your hearing son??
The Fellows reply was “I don’t know yet My HEARING is not until Wednesday!!!
Another one comes to mind is the older lady went to walmart and ask for help getting some paint for her mailbox post. The young fellow said here is some white exterior flat paint. She proceeded to the cash register and was wondering about what she was about to purchase, so she ask the young man at the cash register,” Is this the right kind of paint for my mail box post, It says white exterior flat paint, but my mail box post is round? the young man looked at the gallon paint can and said mamam it will be fine it”s in a round can!!”
If you ever have the opportunity to hear Mr. Hurley, read his books or listen to his tapes, He will truly inspire you!!!

Thanks also to the Bluegrass Band,"The Wilderness Trail" From Bera, Ky

Wilderness Trail

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