How to be a Smart St. Clair Buyer or Seller

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For SaleDo you want to be a smart St. Clair buyer or seller? I'm sure you do. No one wants to make dumb buyer or seller mistakes. Here are a few mistakes that sellers and buyers should try their best to avoid, thus also avoiding being a not-so-smart-and-savvy buyer or seller.
Dumb Buyer Mistakes:

  • This is not a set-in-stone mistake, but more a lack of planning that could haunt you later--not buying now when prices and interest rates are so low.
  • Don't shop without a firm financing commitment from your lender. Before you start your house hunting, go to your lender and get pre-approved so you'll know how much you will be able to borrow; therefore, you’ll know how much house you can afford.
  • Be careful of low-ball offers. Offers that are very low may be considered an insult by the seller, who then refuses to work with you.
  • Don't bad-mouth a St. Clair house in front of the owner. You'll want to have a home inspection for sure, so let the inspector tell the homeowner/seller what is wrong with their house. This can make them more ready to negotiate the price or fix the problems.

Buyers, don't think you're the only one making mistakes. Here are some mistakes that sellers also need to avoid:

Dumb Seller Mistakes:

  • Be careful when selecting your real estate agent. Be sure your agent has experience and a broad knowledge of the area. They should be able to give you sage advice on the right price to ask for your home as well as a knowledgeable estimate on when you can expect your home will sell if priced properly.
  • Stage your home. This doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars updating your home. There are simple and inexpensive ways to stage your home to help it sell faster. For example, painting (a gallon of paint can be purchased for as low as $18), de-cluttering (free!), and fixing small issues such as leaks, doors that squeak, window screens with holes, mold on vinyl siding, and untrimmed bushes, won't take long to do and won't cost much either.
  • Don't price yourself out of the ballpark. Setting a selling price for your home is definitely where your Realtor® will be a valuable asset to you. A price too high may scare off potential buyers and a price too low will make people wonder if something is wrong with the home. Listen to your agent and set the price right to begin with.
  • Watch who you commit to. Don't take your home off the market for any Tom, Dick, or Harry that makes an offer, because an offer doesn't always mean that they have the means to actually purchase your home. You don't want to lose other potential buyers while waiting for someone to find financing. Just as I mentioned to buyers that getting pre-approved is the way to go, dealing with pre-approved buyers is the way for a seller to go as well.

To help you avoid these and other potential buyer and seller mistakes, find a good Realtor® and let them help you sell your home quickly and for the best price. Give me a call today at 636-629-3419 or contact me online. I'm ready and able to help you buy or sell your St. Clair area home while avoiding all those "dumb" mistakes!

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