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Hello everyone!

West Lethbridge has seen some very significant changes and expansion projects over the last 6 months to a year.  The Copperwood subdivision is off and running at a booming rate with many great amazing starter homes still available at affordable rates, the University of Lethbridge is continuing to expand which is drawing in a number of new students and helping the rental pool grow and of course the newer subdivisions of West Highlands, Riverstone and Sunridge continue to expand.

I am finding that west Lethbridge is beginning to be more desirable of an area to start a family with the ever increasing amount of amenities starting up.  Rumors of a new major grocery store in the southern portion of the west side, many new schools, parks, a new library, etc. all add to the appeal of this side of town.  Not to mention the number of revenue properties becoming available and then being quickly sold!  Our student population is growing rapidly and with the increase in home prices over the last few years, the rental market has never been hotter!  My best piece of advice for revenue buyers (since Lethbridge is still rated as one of the most affordable city centers in Alberta still) would be to buy as many revenue properties as possible.  With rental rates around 1% (sometimes lower), the time required to rent your property at a great rate is very short.

Also for re-sale, west Lethbridge is probably the highest with this increasiing demand for homes.  With 5 subdivisions still growing, the expansion could almost seem endless.  Keeping in mind the cost of new home construction and its affect on newly built homes (within 1-6 years), the re-sale market will have a significant growth margin, and I believe the highest ROI.

If you find you are in the market to have your investment grow in Lethbridge and potentially make thousands of dollars, please give me a call for a personal meeting.  I work with investors on a regular basis and have become very experienced in this avenue of real estate.

Keep smilin!

Kevin Turner

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