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Imagine you are having a discussion with a local real estate agent.  You, in this case, are the business owner.  For example, you own a retail or print shop.  The real estate agent brings to your attention that your business might be located in an Enterprise Zone.  At this point you ask, “What is an Enterprise Zone?”


The California 's Enterprise Zone (EZ) program was established in 1984 to stimulate business investment in depressed areas of the State and create job opportunities for Californians.  This was done in an effort to allow market forces to revive the local economies.


As the business owner, you check into this program and find out that you are in fact, in an EZ and can apply to receive tax credits going back almost 4 years.  Not only do you get past credits, as long as you maintain that business location, you may be entitled to future years as well.   As always deal with experts in this field. Read more on my recent blog here.

The service should not require any upfront monies.
As the Realtor who brought that to your attention, wouldn't you reward your Realtor friend with lots of referrals?    Look up your areas Enterprise Zone (EZ) programs, most mid to large cities have them. 
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