Isn't It Amazing!?...

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...That strangers hundreds of miles away can become friends and have never met face to face? A few strokes on the keyboard, a click of the mouse... a connection, a bond is made... What a blessing to live in such a time where this is possible! A dear AR friend, Tom Braatz wrote an inspiring blog "Thank you for being there..." that sparked the thought for this post. He speaks of some amazing people on AR that are inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, giving.... I have found it to be so true as well. I have met some of the nicest individuals here. I have made friends that I truly believe if tragedy struck and I needed them- they would be there for me if even just to have a shoulder to lean on and an ear to listen. I have seen it with my own eyes and been a part of it. Strangers, but yet friends- banding together to help a fellow Realtor who has lost their home and belongings... Encouragement to someone who is struggling with a setback or illness... Teaching and sharing tips and ideas to help another improve themselves and their business. Expecting nothing in return but gaining a multitude of ideas, inspiration, and support.

Active Rain is about more than just Real Estate. Yes- many topics here is about Real Estate, selling, investing, marketing, etc. but more than that... WE are about the people behind the Real Estate. We are about support and sharing. We are a community. We are a family- bonded by a common interest and goals but we are brought close together by our humanity. We inspire each other with our zeal for life and our care for those we serve. My eyes have been opened to ideas I might have never thought of without finding it here and I have had the opportunity to share some of my own. My heart has been enlarged by the selflessness I have seen here.

Happy blogging and I hope you are as thankful for our Active Rain community as I am. We truly have something to be proud of.  

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Ryan Hukill - Edmond
ShowMeOKC Real Estate Pros of KW Elite - Edmond, OK
Realtor, Team Lead
Oh so true.  It's such a great feeling to know you have 'family' all across the country.  Thanks AR!
Jan 17, 2008 02:27 PM
David Patterson
Columbia, SC


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post. I hope to experience some of your statements in the near future. By the way...

That is a very good charicature of you on your blog. When I feel more worthy of one, I'll be getting one of myself.

Much Success to You in 2008.

Jan 17, 2008 02:29 PM
Mary Warren
Las Vegas, NV
This is so true Melissa and so well put, thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.
Jan 17, 2008 02:35 PM
Melissa Wagner
Leo Parker Real Estate & Auction - Woodbury, TN

Yes it is Ryan!

I hope you do too David! I am sure you will in no time. Thanks for the comment about my Meez character! My broker saw it and said it was SO much like me. She loved it. You will have to make you one too! Good luck this year and I look forward to running into you again.

Thanks Mary!

Jan 17, 2008 02:39 PM
Dionne Morgan
Realty World Solano Realty - Vallejo, CA

I don't know how I missed this one. You are right this place is amazing! It has truly been beyond my wildest comprehension. With almost 70,000 members, I still feel connected because of contacts I have made like yourself.

Melissa I am glad that we have crossed path here. Great post!  Take care.

Feb 02, 2008 09:07 PM