Clyde Hill, WA one of "Best Places To Live for Surburbanites": Home Ownership, Quality Schools, Amenities

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Coldwell Banker did a national story this week on the "Best places to live for suburbanites".  Clyde Hill, WA was featured as one of the 11 cities across the U.S. that embody the quality of life perceived as most benefitting suburbanites.

The story ranked suburban cities based on the percentage of residents that own their home (known to contribute heavily to low crime rates and better upkeep of real estate), quality of available nearby schools (data gathered from's rankings), and the number of nearby amenities that support suburban lifestyles (ATMs, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.).  Clyde Hill ranked very high in all three categories with 89.7% of its residents owning their homes, a perfect 10.0 score for schools, and 1,026 nearby amenities.

The first category, percentage of home ownership, is not a surprise at all for those that know Clyde Hill.  Although it is technically an incorporated city unto its own, it feels much like an upscale neighborhood of Bellevue. Real estate values are fairly high in this coveted location, with most home prices over $1,000,000.  Luxury real estate prices don't usually lend themselves to a large rental population in suburban areas, and this is evident in Clyde Hill.  If you've spent a lot of time in the area, you know that the low crime rates allow the Clyde Hill police department (which also services nearby Yarrow Point) much more time spent on ticketing speeding drivers--the 25 mph speed limit is not a "suggestion" in Clyde Hill.

Clyde Hill might be matched by the adjacent cities of Yarrow PointHunts Point, and Medina in terms of real estate values and low crime rates, but it is somewhat closer to downtown Bellevue for amenities, and has a number of high quality local schools.  Clyde Hill Elementary and Chinook Middle School are part of the Bellevue School district, and two of the top public schools in the state, while Sacred Heart School and Bellevue Christian School are highly-regarded private schools within the city's boundaries.

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In terms of amenities, Clyde Hill technically has just two public businesses, a gas station and a Tully's coffee shop.  However, it's just a few blocks from downtown Bellevue which creates hundreds of dining, retail, and entertainment options just a short drive away.  Access to both the I-405 freeway and SR-520 floating bridge into Seattle make it a flexible location for commuters going in any direction.

At just around 3,000 residents, Clyde Hill is certainly a small locale to take on a "Best City" moniker, but the high quality of lifestyle, real estate, and education in Clyde Hill certainly make it a worthy recipient of the "Best place to live for suburbanites" title.

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