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Tequila: History and Tasting in Cabo San Lucas Real Estate

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According to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, tequila tasting in Cabo San Lucas is increasingly being treated with the same importance that fine wine tasting enjoys in many other parts of the world. Considered to be Mexico’s unofficial national drink, tequila is a distilled spirit that is typically between 70 and 80 proof, with a strong but smooth flavor.

Tequila boasts a rich and storied history throughout Mexico and in the area surrounding Cabo San Lucas real estate. It is distilled from the juices of the blue agave succulent, which was originally planted and used by the Aztecs, who harvested the plant in order to create a fermented beverage known as octli. 

Later, the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexico and began distilling the fermented agave beverage in order to create the drink known as tequila that the world has grown to love so much today. Much like bourbon, which must be made in Bourbon County, Kentucky, in the United States to be in its purest form, in order to be labeled “tequila” Mexican law dictates that the beverage must be made in the state of Jalisco near Guadalajara, or in the state of Tamaulipas.

Throughout Cabo real estate, which lies at the tip of the Baja California peninsula, tequila is enjoyed by a variety of different types of people, including locals, as well as partiers and tourists in nightclubs downtown, and a growing number of connoisseurs, who are more interested in savoring the flavor in more upscale venues. 

Not surprisingly, tequila is also used as a base for popular drinks such as margaritas, and is also excellent for use in cooking. Tequila masters, who resemble sommeliers, are trained and certified to promote the popular liquor and are found in a variety of establishments throughout Cabo San Lucas and in other popular tourist locales throughout Mexico. 

According to the Chicago Tribune, in order to properly enjoy tequila, one must learn to sip the beverage and savor its flavor instead of quickly downing shots.

“Drink it slowly, using only the tip of your tongue initially,” the article instructs. “Then let it cover your entire tongue and run smoothly down your throat.”

Finally, to make the experience even more enjoyable, some establishments also include a pinch of salt and lime as part of the process, along with a few spicy almonds and a piece of dark chocolate to top it off.

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