How to sell a home in Palm Beach County?

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 - 561-352-3056 Selling a home can feel a bit overwhelming.  Your Palm Beach County Real Estate understands that and is here to help you get sold and more importantly closed.  The Treu Group has been selling real estate since 1989 and that experience means an easier closing on your Palm Beach County home.  The Treu Group shares how the Treu Experience can help you get sold and more importantly closed.  While in Rome, Lisa Treu, Palm Beach County Real Estate Agent, shared how The Treu Group's steps can help you get sold and closed on your Palm Beach County home.  I hope you enjoy the video from The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy.  




Selling a home is a big decision and the process seems so huge.  Where do you start?  It becomes such a confusing task that sellers are not sure where to turn.  Really, it can be easy for a seller.  I agree that the real estate sales process is confusing and a large task.  If you break it down into smaller steps and have the right people on your side then it gets easier.  So let's break it down.


Step 1

Who will you hire to market your home?  This is a big one.   Who you hire in any market matters.  Having a team that knows how to get you the most money and handle the closing issues to insure that you get to the closing table is critical.  Does your team have international marketing?   That is not just syndication.  Do they use social media?  How are they using video to market your home?  How many deals have they closed?  


Step 2

What is your home worth?  In this changing market, there is what is it worth and what can we get for your home.  Interestingly enough we are getting great prices for our clients.   More than other sales with our Last call strategy.  We have a plan to create an auction effect.  It is not about selling your home, it is about selling it for the most the market will allow.  Now that is what you want, right?  Now having said that, we have seen sellers not choose us because someone told them a higher price.  We do pricing differently, we show you, not tell you.  In fact we will even show you our success with recent closings.  We find there is too much talk and not enough follow through sometimes so we want you to see that we can back up what we say and promise.  


Step 3 

Once sold, what is the strategy to make the contract to close process easy and simple?   The Treu Group has a process that allows for ease during this phase.  We handle and coordinate to make it easy for you.  We will help you know what needs to be done and walk along side you.  We have a Customer Care Manager that will keep you on track.  This leads us to the best part.


Step 4 

Closing.  This is the day we celebrate.  


I know this seems so simple.  Really it is much more complicated than this.  Contract issues, deadlines, title concerns, mortgage bumps,etc.  The marketing expertise and contract to close process that your Palm Beach County Real Estate Team has makes this easy on the most important person, our client.  The Treu Group has a checklist that our clients love.  Why, because it makes the closing process easy.  We absorb most of the challenges and prevent stress.  


You deserve to get to the closing table on your Palm Beach County home too.  

People hire us because we tell the truth, have an Exclusive marketing and closing process and experience to get you to the closing table.  What do others say about your Palm Beach County Real Estate Agents?  Check out testimonials about your Palm Beach County real estate team.  If you are thinking of selling, call your Palm Beach County real estate team.  You can call or text at 561-352-3056.  

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