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My World: Ten elements of success in Real Estate

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Well, the Winter Solstice is upon us as of this morning!  Strangely enough, the world did not end and everyone (even the Mayans) can now breathe a sigh of relief.  I even felt confident enough to order some postcards to be mailed out next year.  This will be the third card in a series that we're currently working on.

We've been working on marketing materials and a great promo from my favorite printing company showed up in my inbox, so I jumped right to work and spent some money on a mail-out.  The postcard template that I picked up through the RE/MAX Design Center happened to have the requirement for a headline and some text on the front.  In the spirit of giving for the holidays, I decided to give you the promotional text that I included on the front of the card along with our name and picture:

Ten Elements of Success ---

  1. Setting a Goal for each Client
  2. Analyzing and organization of Resources
  3. Taking Effective Action
  4. Addressing problems Proactively
  5. Single-minded focus on the desired Results
  6. Perseverance to continue in the face of Adversity
  7. Diligence in Marketing
  8. Communicating your message Effectively
  9. A non-judgmental Attitude allows effective responses to marketplace changes
  10. Learning from previous Successes

The back side of the card included the headline: "A track record of Success!" and a past client referral. 

While I'm no marketing genius, I believe that the card will at least stick in the recipient's hand long enough for them to read the list and maybe to look at our picture and name. 

Now for the next card, I've just got to come up with something that's totally compelling and will generate some calls.  (HA!)

I know that you get only a very low response rate on such direct mail pieces - usually on the order of 2%.  With over a thousand pieces going out, I'd be very pleased with 20 appointments as a result.  It seems that you also have to send at least 7 pieces to a person before they begin to feel comfortable with you. 

A long time ago, I met the top agent in a major city and learned that she'd gotten there by being impatient.  She, too, had heard the 7 pieces idea and rather than wait 7 months, she sent all seven pieces out in 2 weeks.  She said that she got so much business that it was crazy.  Either her materials were fabulous or the timing thing was a great idea. 

Anyway, as my gift to you, if you'd like to use the above list, please do and I wish you the best of success!


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