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Homes in Beaverton Michigan. There are many homes for sale here in Beaverton MI. And as a realtor here in the area, I make a living selling homes and land. Beaverton Mi homes

And I take time out of my busy schedule to enjoy crafts at times. I also enjoy gardening, but it's a little cold and snowy out for that. Spring will be here soon enough.... Right now is time to enjoy the holidays, celebrate the coming new year and the coming winter events and days observed for celebration - such as Valentines Day.... And St. Patrick's day !

 I sincerely enjoyed the time spent with family, friends and little ones decorating these gingerbread houses.  Was certainly glad that I made the time and accepted the invitation ...... I am really short of time and I hope anyone reading this truly enjoyed their Christmas - enjoys their New Years celebration - all the time between now and then... And I will be MAKING time to visit some of your blog sites - I've been missing out on anything computerized...  so little time on or near the computer.....

Live for Today ! Eat drink and be merry -  in moderation ALWAYS..... Love and light to all....

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Tony & Darcy Cannon
Aubrey and Associates Realty - Layton, UT
The C Team

Marilyn, Those are some great looking gingerbread houses!  There is nothing like spending time with loved ones during the Holidays! 

Dec 28, 2012 02:04 PM
Marilyn Harrell
Better Homes and Acres - Beaverton, MI
Wixom Lake - Beaverton MI

Tony and Darcy, they were a lot of fun for some of us.  My daughterinlaw made the houses. The first two attempts they were made out of graham crackers and she baked some gingerbread.  Those ones fell apart. She was feeling a little frustrated when I suggested milk or juice cartons the morning of the event, but I had to work and couldn't be of much help.  She resorted to making them out of two household staples: cardboard and duct tape. These houses were very sturdy and are the ones we decorated.  My mom and a daughter took theirs home for decoration, And some of the tiny guests took theirs home as well. I left mine with my grandchildrens and the three in the photograph are mine, and my two sweet grandchildren, Livi and Lizi......

I love the month of December, time flies so fast and I love to eat all the sugary treats.  My mom brought over the most beautiful cheesecake with cherries on top on Christmas. And so many good times with family and friends....

Thank you, we sincererly enjoyed making them and I hope we do it again the end of this year.....

Jan 03, 2013 12:23 AM