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Home Staging In Newton MA

Thinking of selling your home in Newton, MA?  You've probably seen the HGTV shows featuring miraculous home transformations.  You've heard how home staging can help fetch a better price when you sell.  But before hiring a staging professional, ask yourself if it's really what you need.

Home Staging versus Interior Design

While interior design is 
supposes to reflect your style and personality, staging has a specific purpose, in this case to create a space home buyers find inspiring.  Furthermore, while home staging is temporary, decorating your home with a designer is for your own enjoyment and meant to have some permanency.


Do I Have to Stage My Home for Sale?

There is some level of staging to every home before it goes on market.  For best pictures,  video and showings, a home must be free of clutter, neutralized, looking and smelling fresh.  When your home is on market, it will not look like it normally does.  Do you have to stage?  Yes, to some degree there is alway some "staging" involved.

Do I Need to Hire a Professional Stager?

Whether or not you have to hire for professional home staging depends on many things including the size and condition of your home.  Home stagers add great value and their work allows for easier sales at better prices.  It is up to you if you want to hire a professional stager, though.

How Much Does It Cost?

Home staging prices vary depending on three things : size of home, amount of work to be done, whether or not you will need to rent furniture.  
But before you pay for home staging in Newton MA, ask a local and highly experienced real estate agent for some tips to getting your home ready.  It may be enough.

Book a free, no obligation consultation on getting your home ready for a sale.  Learn what changes to make to your house or condo so it sells for the most money.  This free consultation can add 5-15% to your final sale price! 

The pictures in this post are of homes of listings where home sellers prepared their homes using my tips. All these listings sold within days for more than asking price.





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