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Homes for Sale in Tacoma and Seattle: Trend Line

Managing Real Estate Broker with Keller Williams Realty - Tacoma


What a bummer. Wrote a nice informative blog and lost it in my attempt to download a photo.  Anyway, this will have to do.  We are seeing more and more sellers put their home on the market.  Still a Sellers market but I believe our current two month supply of homes in the Pierce county market is slowly increasing.  I predict based on this trend that we could see a 4 month supply by late September.  Lets hope so for our buyers.  My buyers are not focused in a specific area anymore, too many disappointments with favorite houses quickly sold out from under them.  Now, they just want a house almost anywhere it is available.  Just contracted a buyer for house out of his area, but within his price range and more importantly, for him, square footage.  Just 5 days on the market, and he jumps on it so its a done deal.  My other buyers have not been so lucky, too many setbacks.  I try to get them out sooner, but life is complex and other things demand their attention.  No problem, I adapt as best as I can and respond when the opportunity knocks for them.  I am out in the market everyday and I am pleased to see more houses come onto the market.  Still a sellers market but its getting better for buyers here in the Seattle and Tacoma housing market.  Need help finding your home in this market, call me at 253-202-3753.