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The foreclosure market is growing in my community. There are so many houses that are on the market that are bank repo. Every street you turn down there is a foreclosure on that street. It is sad. Homeowners need to be aware that they can sell there home when it is in  pre-foreclosure.  It is such a misconception that you can't sell it. I have sold many homes right before the sheriff sale occurs. I received a call, just last week from a home owner that they were losing there home to foreclosure. She called me just 3 days before the sale was to occur. I asked why did you wait so long to call, I feel your home is a nice home and we probably could of got it sold for what you owed. She said that the lender told her she was not allowed to put home up for sale. Why I have to ask would a lender tell her that. This is not the first call that I have go like that. Just last year same story, I put that house on the market and it sold in a day, and I was able to stop the sale with a full price offer! No short sale. If you are a homeowner losing your home please call your local Realtor and see what they can do to help! You just might be able to save your home from foreclosure.

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Good advice Shannon, it is sad to see some communities with so many people in trouble.



Mar 07, 2008 03:04 AM