Short Selling your home in Banning/Beaumont California

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Understanding a short sale in Banning/Beaumont




A short sale is a regular sale! There is nothing different in the way that you as a seller prepare to sell your home. We do not advertise our listings to the public as a short sale…What advantage does that bring you?  There are requirements to let agents know that the home is a short sale, but only to help them counsel their clients on the process.  Short sales happen to good people with good jobs. It simply is a situation where you must sell your home and do not have the means to make up the difference. You should never feel or be made to feel embarrassed about the short sale situation.


The fact of the matter is most agents do not have in place a system or a plan to list a home as a short sale.  To give you an example, our area of expertise is buying and selling property.  We have a specific pre-listing program for short sales, and a tailored marketing plan that assists in the short sale being accepted.  It basically gives banks what they want to see in a home sale.  We work very closely with the banks and very experienced escrow and title officers in order to ensure the sale of your home is done correctly, at no expense to you. This is our area of expertise See it’s not about us advertising that we successfully negotiated short sales…It’s about giving our clients the best chance to move on.


At the end of last year, the numbers showed that about 10% of short sales were accepted.  Since then, agents have started to learn what the banks are looking for, and banks have started to realize that a short sale is the best alternative in a foreclosure situation. Agents who have a plan and a system in place are having huge success in getting short sales accepted.  In the right hands, a short sale can be presented to the bank as the only solution.  Make sure you contact us, do not take a chance with an inexperienced short sale agent. We work closely with your bank and have helped other homeowners in Banning/Beaumont area as well.





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