What Will Charge Offs Do To My Mortgage Qualification?

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“Charge offs” and other things of that nature can affect affect your credit, which in turn could affect your “loanability.”

The best things you can do is get your scored from all three of the credit bureaus.

You would be surprised by how many of the reports are incorrect, so go through it line by line.

On many of these online credit checking services, you can directly dispute a credit claim and petition it.

Any small claims on your credit that you can pay off, just do it so you can relieve that pressure.

Then, try to work something out with the creditors to remove claims from your credit.

IRS and State liens are going to be there forever until the debt is paid off.

Getting a repossessed also greatly affects one’s viability to receive a mortgage for a few years.

Talking to a Certified Public Accountant or an Attorney could also be a critical step in this process






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