When do I consider an Auction?

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When heading toward the market with your investment, this is a question worth asking. Here are a few thoughts:

1. When your market is over flooded with homes similar to yours. An Auction can be the aggressive move that will  make your home stand out from the rest.

2. When your market area is moving slow. If the time on the market is longer than what fits your timetable, going straight to the “hammer” up front can help you avoid the picture of “desperation” if you try the market and move to an auction as  a last option.

3. If you have come upon unfortunate times. If your life has taken an unexpected turn, and payments have become too much, a financial institution will work with you and an Auctioneer to help you avoid foreclosure. This is especially true in a market when the foreclosure rate has skyrocketed.

4. When you are an Administrator of an Estate. When people leave this world, and they have asked you to oversee what they have left behind, an auction is a very good way to have both their property and personal items.

That is just 4 good opportunities for you to seek out the assistance of a professional Auctioneer.

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