HouseLens Counts Our Blessings

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At HouseLens, we know we've got a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

We have amazing customers who are helping us double in size year-over-year. In fact, we just reached 8,000 shoots year to date!

We have a wonderful network of certified professional artists who get out there and make great videos for our customers every day.

We have a terrific team of employees who care deeply about making sure every customer has a top-notch end-to-end experience with our company.

And of course, we all have many, many personal blessings to count this Thanksgiving holiday.

Here are just a few, straight from the HouseLens staff.

"I'm thankful for many things this season, but most of all, I'm thankful for the man I now call my husband." --Marketing Operations Coordinator Jennifer Hood, who married her fiance Jody this past weekend

"I'm thankful for my little angel Aedan and the thoughts and prayers from everyone that made it possible." --Director of Artist and Product Development Joe Stanford, who adopted his first child this fall

"I'm thankful for a company that lets me explore my full potential and has a culture of mentoring. And I'm thankful for next-day-air shipping." --Creative Director Antony Boshier, whose new tripod arrived just hours before he had to leave on a major shoot

"I am thankful for the continued goodness and mercy of my Creator. I'm also thankful for a wonderful and supportive family, and for the opportunity to work and grow as part of HouseLens." --Regional Sales Director Michael Sharp, our king of motivation and encouragement

"I'm thankful for my family and a job that I enjoy showing up for every day." --Director of Editing and Product Delivery Leny Hamm, whose passion for quality work keeps us all in line

From everyone here at HouseLens, we wish you many blessings--both expected and unexpected--during this Thanksgiving season!

What are you thankful for this year?



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