Guidance On Reviewing Virginia Inspection Reports

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Property inspections can be a confusing step in the home buying process. Buyer emotions are typically high and there is a lot of information to process. Having knowledge of how inspections operate will make it easier to handle when the time comes. Below is guidance on reviewing Virginia inspection reports.

The Reason for Inspections

Inspections give buyers an opportunity to evaluate the major systems in a property, look more closely the home features, and learn how everything in the home functions. Buyers should select a certified inspector to assist with this process. They typically test the systems, hardware, and structure of a property. Inspectors carry out differing approaches to these reviews, but most will check the exterior and interior and complete a full report. Buyers should follow the inspector and see as much as they can about the residence. If any problems are uncovered, buyers should view the area in question for themselves and get a complete understanding of it. Remember that although inspectors attempt to perform a full inspection of each area of a property, they cannot see inside walls and other unreachable areas, so there will be limitations.

Property Problems

When home buyers view a property, they typically only see the most unavoidable defects. A trained inspector will find defects that may not have been noticeable or disclosed and write them in a report. Buyers must then form an opinion about the depth of the defects. Attending the inspection will, again, help with this.

Suggestions for Work to Perform

Often included in inspection reports are general suggestions relating to HOME OWNERSHIP. These are not necessarily critical items, but rather ways to prevent future ones or to enhance the features of a property. For instance, an inspector may suggest that the grading around the property be improved to reduce the chances of water entering the foundation.

Digesting The Report

Buyers should interpret inspection results and distinguish problems from upgrades. Buyers may try to negotiate problems, but it is difficult to demand upgrades. Homes are normally priced based on how old it is, its condition, and features. If upgraded with all modern systems, it would be priced higher than its existing price. For items that are real problems, a negotiation process must take place.

Guidance On Reviewing Virginia Inspection Reports

Discuss the results with your real estate broker for guidance on how you should proceed. Remember that inspection reports cover both defects and miscellaneous recommendations, and that attempting to negotiate upgrades can compromise the working relationship with the sellers. Inspections are not a reason to renegotiate sales price but instead a chance to resolve material problems that were not predictable. Discuss different strategies and potential results with your real estate broker. This guidance on reviewing Virginia inspection reports was provided by Amir Sadeghi at Keller Williams Realty. Contact Amir for further information on home inspections and other steps in the home purchase process.

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