Going on Vacation? TURN YOUR WATER OFF!

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When you are Going on Vacation- TURN YOUR WATER OFF!  If you're wondering- Why?  Watch this Quick Video, then scroll down to read My HOT TIPS for Preventing Water Damage-

In my life before becoming a Real Estate professional, I insured the Homes and Businesses that I now sell, for over 12 years. My insurance background often provides me with a slightly longer list of advice that I give my clients, because I do have a lot of experiance with the "What ifs" of life.  One particular area I focus on is water loss prevention.  


A broken water line can be devastating to a home and cause major stress in a persons life. Many times the damage was preventable or at the very least, could have been minimized. Many of us buy a home and become "Reactive instead of Proactive".

Reactive: "Aghhh a pipe broke and flooded my house, now what! I can't afford to spend $______ for my deductible"

Try being Pro-Active instead, hopefully you will prevent what otherwise could have been a disaster-


My HOT TIPS for Preventing Water Damage

1.  If you are buying a previously loved home (unless the water lines are new), replace them all.  (Even if they show no visible signs of wear.) This way you can keep track of their age and replace accordingly. 

2.  Check all of your valves at least twice a year for signs of wear. Check: 

a.)  Home and property shut off valves

b.)  Angle Stops under sinks, behind toilets and at your washing machine

c.)  Exposed Water Lines under sinks, behind toilets, water heater and at your washing machine. 

3.  Install a pressure regulator just inside your property line on your side of the meter, if you don't already have one. 

4.  When you plan to be out of town, before you go- Turn off your Hot Water Heater then turn your water off at the Shut Off Valve to your home. 

5.  Fix leaking faucets or toilets. A "minor drip" may not seem like a big deal, but not only is it a waste of resources and money it could lead to more costly troubles if you have a septic system. 


Home Inspectors or Real Estate Profesionals generally make it a point to show the buyer the location of the shut off valve to the house, but sometimes it gets missed, it doesn't exist or the knowledge is forgotten.  If you don't know where your whole house shut off valve is-  FIND THAT VALVE! If you can't- Call a Plumber! It is worth the Service call and the possible fee to install it if you don't have one.  

Consider the Math-

Typical Home Insurance Deductible these days= $1000.

Typical amount of Stress you are going to endure during the process of clean up and remediation= $$$Priceless$$$

Typical cost a plumber will charge to install a shut off valve $250.00

That $250.00 could be the difference between a major flood and a quick mop job. Before and After

Now you know why- When you are going on Vacation, TURN YOUR WATER OFF!  

Fun Fact: Drip Calculator: How much water does a leaking faucet waste?

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Pamela Cendejas
Second Self Virtual Assistance - Kingman, AZ
Second Self Virtual Assistance (928) 692-3235

My hot water heater is in my garage but your video makes me think twice about leaving the water on for my washer, too.

Apr 04, 2016 04:25 AM
Michelle M. Arnold
Keller Williams Realty Yuma - Yuma, AZ
Associate Broker

Pamela, 3 water losses for past clients this year and one last year  all were cause by broken plastic fittings. :( Three under a toilet and one under a kitchen sink. One in a Single Family home, 2 in Manufactured homes and 1 in a Condo.  All could have been prevented and all but three were caught within hhours preventing further damage. Thank God! 

Apr 15, 2016 08:38 AM