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Pet peeves- Before you list it again, think about these.

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I have a specific property in mind today and don't have time for a long post but the presentation of this property reminded me of several pet peeves, so please excuse me while I complain.  


#1 - Comments for agents and public.  Some agents do very minimal comments in MLS for the agents and then have very detailed, attractive comments for the public.    I consider that my job is to make the property as attractive as possible for both the public and the agents, to get the seller as much exposure as possible.    I realize the agent makes much more if buyers see it through the listing agent, but out main job is to serve the clients by full exposure.    Even if I do notice that there's a better description for the public, this still means that if I'm interested in showing, I need to print two separate versions of the listing  


#2 - Acreage.  It's very useful for larger lots if the agents will bother to convert lot dimensions to acreage.   It's not that difficult or time-consuming, and if it's not listed as acreage (or fraction thereof), it won't come up when I search for larger lots.


#3 - Room dimensions are often very useful.   Not putting them may indicate an agent pressed for time or it may indicate little rooms we don't want to call attention to.


#4 - Pictures.  Either have a professional take them or edit them so they're bright and attractive.  And label the pictures!   


#5 - Showing instructions.  If at all possible make it easy to show.  If 24-hour notice is really essential, I understand, but sometimes it may be better to let the agents call and find out possibly that this time the 24-hour notice must be observed, rather than to require 24-hour notice across the board.    If it's a rental, maybe that can't be avoided, but this does cut down showings.   Is the alarm necessary?    Why does the agent need to be there?  


Would I dare send the link to this post to a seller whose property just went off the market after two lengthy listings which illustrate most of my peeves?   

What other pet peeves should be added to my list?

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