Succesful Time Management.... or more to it!

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What Carl needs to do now is to be responsible for his responsibilities and for his future, and focus on his long-term goals, or he will never achieve his potential and will likely lose friends, family, jobs and opportunities in the process.

Carl should never give up the enjoyable things in life, but allow himself to plan for more of those moments and do fewer in the moment so he can feed his children; today and tomorrow!


•·        Self Esteem -Struggle with feelings of incompetence, and poor self-esteem.

•·        Pressure - Carl may use procrastination to deal with the pressure of daily life and all the competing obligations and tasks.

•·        Control - Carl may use procrastination as a means of control.

•·        Carl does not like to be pushed around and he may believe that he should decide what to do and when to perform the task. Carl will do what he wants to do, when he wants to do it.

•·        Justification - Carl may believe that others do not understand how busy he is and how complicated his life is.

Not that Carl procrastinates - he may have a belief that others do not understand his problems.

Carl may often feel like a victim and frustrated that others do not see how unfair his situation may be.

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