Laughter Is The Best Medicine

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After all it is said that laughter is the best medicine!  

                            "THINKING ABOUT GOD"
                             God is like Coca Cola,
                               He is the real thing!

                             God is like General Electric,
                                   He lights your path!

                             God is like Bayer Aspirin,
                                   He works wonders!

                             God is like Hallmark Cards,
                     He cared enough to send the very best!

                             God is like Tide Soap,
                  He removes the stains others leave behind!

                             God is like Dial Soap,
                    Aren't you glad you know Him, don't you
                              wish everyone did?

                       God is like American Express,
                       Don't leave home with out Him!
                                                        [Author Unknown]

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