Stagers & Realtors - A perfect Match?

Home Stager with Set The Stage

I wanted to ask all stagers and realtors their feelings about working together after reading many posts about home stagers marketing to realtors and getting only luke warm repsonses at best.

For those realtors / real estate agents that dont know about home staging or how it can benifit them here's my pitch:

Real Estate Agents can benifit from partnering with a Home Staging Professional by allowing you to have more time to do what you are trained to do: Get more listings and sell more listings.

Professional Home Stagers can improve the relationships between Realtors and Home sellers by, having the realtor not responsible for telling the home owners that their home smells, is dirty etc. This can put tension between the client and real estate agent - resulting in a poor experience...

Realtors who parnter with a home staging professional are allowing their clients the opportunity to Maximize their properties impact on potential buyers and most likely achieve a higher closing price. This experience would most likely result in many referrals for the real estate agent!

Professional Home Stagers are also a refferal possiblilty that should not be disregarded. As a Proffesional Home Stager in my area I meet many people that are thinking of selling their homes and are in a position to act on any referral that I may give them.


-- So, if anyone has any additional points to share, please post them & if any real estate agents / realtors have some insight as to why they are or are not partnered with a staging professional I welcome your comments.

Hopefully this will allow all us stagers to better present the concept to realtors or agents in the future.

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