Get your Graduates home safe!!!

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So you know your kid might not call if he or she is tired or drinking under age: So my post today is to save lives, and keep our graduates out of trouble. We know that this time of year is when graduations, and end of school happens. Those hard working students want to have fun. We don't want them to drive if they have been drinking, or are tired, we want them home safe or to their next destination safe. I have had too many friends or family members suffer tragic loss this time of year. The attached is a free $20.00 for any new sign up on the UBER app. They have cars all over and $20.00 will pretty much get any kid home. Everyone should have the UBER app on their phone it's the safest way to ensure your loved ones get home safe.The great thing is that kids can split the ride. It's the best insurance ever!!! If you are hosting a party you can use it to get any guest home safe!! Pass it on and save a life this Graduation Season

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