Why You Will Receive Top Dollar For Your Framingham Ma Mf property Now

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                             Why You Will Receive Top Dollar For Your Framingham Ma Mf Property Now


There is a huge demand for investment property in Framingham ad Metrowest towns. Rental housing is always needed and investors are bringing cash to the table to find Multifamily properties for investment. There will always be a need for rental property and always be tennats. The most common long-term demographic is the elderly and single women, who dont plan on getting married. Long-term tenancy is very common in 2016 because tenants dont want to lose their opportunity to rent a well taken care of and cared for apartment. Framingham only has 3 multifamily properties for sale vs over 80 sf homes. The great thing about owning an investment property,  you can live there and have your tenants pay your mortgage and live for very little money or free. Depending on the investors strategy, you can add value to your investment and get great cashflow, whether you self manage or have a property manager take care of the investment for you.


If you are a current multifamily property owner in Framingham, there is such a high demand by investors and tenants alike, that you will get a top price for your property from investors , and probably multiple offers driving up the price with a serious lack of inventory. This situation is causing investors to look more west towards Worcester, if they can not afford the cost of a Boston Multifamily, which has an exorbitant unit price, but really high rents and solid appreciation that makes it worthwhile. Institution investors typically fight over high end properties in Boston for this reason.


Worcester still has decent rents and the cost per unit is usually 45-65k, unless you are on the West side of Worcester, where price price will be slightly higher. You wont get the same benefits as buying investment property in Framingham or Boston, but you have to go where the inventory is right now. Framingham has the lowest multifamily inventory, so investors are looking more west or more east depending on their funding and needs.


As an investor, it is very important to know your investment strategy and your exit strategy before you buy the property. You need to be ready to act fast buy your investment property in Framingham especially with only a few available multifamily properties on the market. For this reason, Framingham investment properties will sell at top dollar now. You need to gage your reason for selling and the benefit of cashing out right now brings you. If you need the cash from your Framingham investment property, then it is definately beneficial to sell your residential property now. If it is commercial, the value of the property is based solely on the income it produces, since it is an income producing asset. Residential is based on comparable properties. These are important factors to consider when deciding when to sell your investment property in 2016 and beyond.



               Why You Will Receive Top Dollar For Your Framingham Ma Mf Property Now

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